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RSC Replacement

Application Profile

Leading Brokerage Slashes Response Time with
TIC Software Solution SOAP/AM Server

“TIC Software brought us the exact solution that was needed. Once everything is fully up and running, we expect to see major productivity gains in every area of our transaction processing operation.” -- Application Architect

Usage:  High performance connectivity alternative to RSC

A leading regional investment firm serves the diverse financial needs of individual investors and corporate and institutional clients throughout the U.S. and abroad. The firm provides full-service investment banking, securities brokerage, and wealth and asset management. A long time HP NonStop user with .NET application front end, this client has sought to re-architect their middleware environment in order to accommodate their business growth.


  • Needed high performance connectivity to support the new state-of-the-art Windows desktop client interfacing to NonStop Servers
  • Existing client applications were developed using RSC(Remote Server Call) and Piccolo API
  • RSC was not scaling with growing volumes of transactions
  • RSC was not stable in the .NET application environment
  • RSC was causing records locked for unacceptable lengths of time


  • TIC Software recommended SOAP/AM Server to expose NonStop Pathway Servers as Web Services.
  • The adoption of Web Service has allowed:
    • Seamless integration with .NET technology
    • Migration path for replacing RSC procedures in existing applications
    • Enabling SOA environment for entire enterprise


  • SOAP/AM Server has reduced response times by 60%
  • SOAP/AM Server provided an extremely reliable and stable platform for new applications and migration of existing procedures
  • Development staff can easily use Web Services when developing newapplications

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