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Webinar:"Accessing .NET, Java and Internet Web Services from NonStop"

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One of the benefits of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is that it enables applications to inter-operate easily. Attend this Webinar to learn how your NonStop programs can easily consume a Web Service on another platform on your Intranet or even the Internet.

March 31, 2015 at 2:00pm EDT

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SunTUG Sunshine Summit 2015

We had another great event at SUNTUG, thanks to all the participants who passed by to say hello and learned more about solutions. Congratulations to our winner Mohankumar, he won a $100.00 AMEX gift card! 


TIC LogWatch

Who is watching your application logs for errors?

Who is watching your OSS application logs for errors and warning signs? Or your VHS or Guardian logs? Nobody? If you wait until a problem to happen before you check the logs, then it may be too late.


Planning ahead could avoid big headaches later on. Use LogWatch to monitor logs to detect errors and raise alerts before the situation deteriorates in to an application outage. Click to learn more about how LogWatch can help you get the job done.


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Web Service Client

Let your NonStop be an active Web Service participant!

While it is useful to expose NonStop applications to other platforms as web services, it basically places the NonStop only as a "passive" participant in the enterprise. The really exciting frontier is to enable NonStop applicationsto invoke other web services outside the NonStop to become an "active" participant.

Imagine the possibilities of what a Web Service Client can do for you:

  • Promote Re-usability 
    Access applications developed by other departments on.NET or Java platform via a Web Service call
  • Integrate with Third Party Products
    Perform an inquiry on the company's CRM or SAP systems to look up information as part of the NonStop application transaction 
  • Leverage Internet Services
    Access all the available Web Services on the Internet, including: Financial transactions, quotes, package tracking, foreign exchanges, etc.

Come attend our upcoming Webinar to learn the different Use Cases that NonStop users are benefiting from Web Service Client.

Access Web Services NonStop (4 minute Video)

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