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Web Service Made Even Easier with SOAPam 3.1 !


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One of the benefits of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is that it enables applications to inter-operate easily. Attend this Webinar to learn how your NonStop programs can be accessed as a Web Service easily on your Intranet or even the Internet.


June 25, 2015 at 2:00pm EDT

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Customer Profile

Cass Information System


 Interview with Tom Schaper  Cass Information Systems is the leading provider of expense management for transportation, utility, telecom and waste related business intelligence services. Cass focuses on invoice management and audit and payment services for hundreds of client companies in a variety of industries with innovative solutions for telecom expense management, freight audit and payment and utility cost management.

Tom Schaper is Cass' Project Manager for Internal Programming and has worked with TIC Software's products and services for several years


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Our Ever Changing Perspective



It seems that every generation thinks that the methods they employ are so modern, and that generations past were so old school and out of touch. As technology evolves - and more and more computing power is integrated into our everyday lives - the generation gap seems to widen. 


Data Flow Product Suite - 'Tele' Technology with TIC Software


Automating &Report Delivery via Email, Web, Fax and File Transfer


Tele is a prefix that combines the meaning of the phases "reaching over a distance," "carried out between two remote points," and "performed or operated through electronic transmissions." The 'Tele' family group technologies of TIC Software - has been designed for application modernization These Data Flow products are designed to seamlessly integrate NonStop systems with other platforms via format conversion and data delivery - enabling automated processing and delivery of reports and information and keeping the applications organizations running smoothly. Read More


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