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WebAxcess Guided Tour

WebAxcess Guided Tour  

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"...Application Programming Interface or APIs - increasingly important software in modern commerce because they serve as the conduit for automated communication between companies' digital systems and their partners and customers."

- Wall Street Journal. September 9, 2016.

Tour Content

Quick Overview:
– What is WebAxcess?

WebAxcess is an API framework that enables NonStop programs to access remote web applications including:

  • Classic ASP or Java applications
  • Downloading a file via HTTP or HTTPS protocol
  • Calling remote REST Services

– What kind of programs can use WebAxcess?

  • You can write applications in COBOL, C, C++ or TAL to interface to WebAxcess via PathSend
  • WebAxcess uses an Inter-Process Message (IPM) interface

– What are some of the special system requirements for WebAxcess? Does it use OSS?

  • No special requirements. NO OSS needed

  Use Case - Download file via HTTP or HTTPS protocol

Web sites don't just contain pages; they can also provide facilities for files to be downloaded, such as:

  • Schedules
  • Daily transaction reports
  • Registration list, etc

If you need this file information on the NonStop, usually you would have to download the file to a desktop PC and then upload it to NonStop or write a program on the PC to download first, and then upload to NonStop.  WebAxcess can automate this process, by enabling your program to access a website and download the data directly to a NonStop Guardian file.



Use Case: Download file via HTTP or HTTPS protocol - XML/JSON

If the downloaded file content is XML or JSON, you can further use XML Thunder or JSON Thunder (products from our partner Canam Software) to automatically parse them into fixed structures for use by your application.

Use Case - Classic ASP or ASP.NET applications

Many enterprises have applications running on Microsoft IIS in either ASP or ASP.NET pages. These applications are mostly designed for user interaction, and usually not built on SOAP or REST Web Service platforms. The common User Interface is via URL links and FORM entry and submission, the enabling user to do inquiries, or add/update data in a database outside the NonStop, such as SQL Server or Oracle.
WebAxcess enables your NonStop application to interact with these non-Web Service applications programmatically. You can pass input parameters as QUERY STRINGS or POST VARIABLES, using GET or POST methods.

You can also use WebAxcess for your application to access an Internet application, such as tracking a package shipped via UPS.

Use Case: Call a remote REST Web Service - JSON or XML

REST is fast becoming the more visible application interface for enterprise applications. WebAxcess, together with JSON Thunder, enable your NonStop application to consume a remote REST Web Service easily. WebAxcess provides the HTTP/HTTPS protocol required by the RESTful API, and JSON Thunder facilitates the serialization and deserialization of JSON data in your application.

Although JSON is usually associated with REST Web Services, there are many enterprise and internet applications that use XML as the payload of the REST transactions. Again, your application can work seamlessly with the remote REST Web Service by using WebAxcess and XML Thunder.

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