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Washington Federal and TIC Partner on Integrated Data Solutions

Ensuring Ongoing Banking Data Compliance & Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

In the mid to late 1970’s, dissatisfied with the banking options available on the market at the time, Seattle-based Washington Federal Savings joined together with other thrifts to better address their data processing needs. Looking for a way to optimally handle vast amounts of customer account information securely and consistently, the bank purchased one of the first Tandem (now HP) NonStop parallel processing mainframes in the Northwest. (In fact, Tandem Computers used to use the bank’s installation as a demonstration model and show piece for perspective customers.) Over the years, as Washington Federal has looked to “modernize” their mainframe with today’s technology, they have turned to Transaction Innovation Corporation (TIC) Software – the NonStop Modernization Experts.

The NonStop system is as reliable as the day in was installed, but keeping the technology integrated with today’s vast array of computing options is an ongoing need. TIC Software was built upon addressing this need, offering products and services that modernize NonStop computing. TIC’s offerings enable seamless integration and secure communication between the mainframe data and other platforms such as PCs - providing modern gateway, reporting and other solutions to leverage and optimize investments made in NonStop computers.

Terry Permenter joined Washington Federal in 1982 and today is the Senior Vice President, and, as the Information Systems Manager, is also responsible for ensuring that all of the firm’s data systems function seamlessly and ceaselessly. All of the banks data resides on the NonStop, including teller systems, loan servicing and accounting, so when Terry is looking for a solution for the bank’s mainframe systems, he turns to TIC for innovative data solutions to keep things running smoothly.

We’ve worked with TIC for years and have always been very impressed with both their offerings and people,” Terry explained. “We partnered with TIC in 2001 to integrate their TeleFax offering into our mainframe system – to provide a secure faxing gateway between our NonStop and remote fax machines. More recently, we needed to simplify our compliance with Federal regulations requiring that we verify applicants against the Office of Foreign Assets Control or OFAC list – designed to prevent the funding of terrorism or money laundering. We turned to TIC for a solution, called SOAP/AM, that allows our mainframe secure access to the OFAC list via the Web in real-time. This enables us to accomplish three things - meet our compliance requirements, verify customer viability, and maintain our customer satisfaction focus by accomplishing all this very quickly a win-win-win if you will!”

"Our successful partnership with NuWave Technologies has enabled us to add their SOAP/AM offering to our ever-expanding line of NonStop solutions,” explained Phil Ly, President, TIC Software. “For over 15 years, we’ve been helping clients like Washington Federal Savings modernize their NonStop servers. Using SOAP/AM we’ve enabled their mainframe applications secure distributed communications that integrate Web services quickly and easily. We look forward to continuing to work with Terry and his firm to address future business challenges."

Washington Federal and TIC have a long history of working together to develop and implement NonStop solutions. The bank strives to develop and maintain all its IT solutions in-house instead of working with service bureaus like many of its competitors do – feeling that their integrated data solutions provide for enhanced customer service and better team productivity for workers. Some earlier information technology development milestones between the two firms include secure fax communications integration and real-time teller data systems for intercommunication between branch offices.

Today, Washington Federal remains a traditional-style savings and loan, offering a community-based, customer-centric alternative to the larger less personable banking conglomerates. Washington Federal has steadily grown to 150 branch offices throughout eight western states – and prides itself on offering unparalleled customer service in an industry frequently maligned for an impersonal approach. When you contact Washington Federal with a question or concern, you speak directly to a bank representative – a bit of a novel approach in today’s automated world!

"It’s great having a partner like TIC helping us bring new ideas to reality ” Terry stated. “In the future, we look forward to working together to streamline even more of our processes, further automate our workflow, and realize even greater success!"

About Washington Federal Savings:
Since 1917, Washington Federal Savings has been focused on keeping things simple. Our reputation is based upon offering sensible, easy-to-use accounts and services, combined with personal attention to our customers' financial goals. Washington Federal has 150 branches located throughout eight western states.
For more information, contact us at 1-800-324-9375 

About NuWave Technologies:
NuWave Technologies, Inc. is a software company based out of Nashua, NH. The company's core product suite is called SOAP/AM® which gives NonStop Server applications the ability to consume Web services and to expose themselves as Web services. This enables a company to integrate its NonStop applications with other applications, both within and outside the organization.

About Transaction Innovation Corporation (TIC Software):
TIC Software has been providing solutions for the HP NonStop platform since 1983 - predominantly in the banking, financial services and health care markets. The firm's dedication to creating innovative solutions and providing responsive services has enabled its clients to best leverage modern technology and optimize productivity.

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