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Future-Proofing NonStop – Staying ahead of the curve

SUNTUG 2019 - TIC Presentation will take place on March 1, 2019 at 3:30pm EST

The business and technology landscapes continue to change faster and faster.  Failure to explore and adopt new solutions could lead a platform down a path of obsolescence. What are you doing TODAY to ensure that your important NonStop investment will continue to be relevant in the FUTURE?  In this presentation, we will cover some of the important areas that you should pursue NOW to extend and support Nonstop for a relevant future. They include: Interconnect using RESTful API,  Integration with Cloud Computing, and Continuous Operation Support.

Presenter's Bio

Phil Ly is the president of TIC Software, a New York-based company specializing in software and services that integrate NonStop with the latest technologies. TIC Software helps customers understand and identify  the most suitable technology for solving their business problem, and customizes a complete suite of services including  training, development and support optimized for their project implementation. Prior to founding TIC Software, Phil Ly had worked for Tandem Computers in support and software development.

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TIC AWS Gateway (TAG) connects NonStop to the Amazon Cloud

Nov 26, 2018 (Great Neck, NY) Cloud computing has become the new normal as companies of every size have realized its benefits. For most organizations, the question is no longer “if we should?”; it’s “how can we move?” and “when can we expand?” NonStop applications can benefit from cloud expansion and with TAG from TIC and Canam Software. TAG makes connecting your NonStop information to AWS quick and easy.

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CTUG 2018

Oct. 16, 2018(Great Neck, NY) Presenting on REST and NuWave’s Lightwave products suite at the 2018 Canadian Tandem Users Group (CTUG) conference. Great opportunity to connect with the Nonstop community! Let us know if you would like more information about our solutions for Web Services running on HPE NonStop.

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TIC and NuWave The HPE NonStop Modernization Dream Team

Oct. 1, 2018(Great Neck, NY) TIC Software and NuWave Technologies have been collaborating to deliver high-quality Web services solutions to NonStop customers since the early 2000s. NuWave designs and develops intuitive middleware solutions at a great value, while TIC manages customer relationships and provides first-level support.

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HPE NonStop Master System Architect Matt Riesz to join TIC Team

July 20, 2018 (Great Neck, NY) – We are pleased to announce the addition of Matt Riesz to our team here at TIC. Matt has over 35 years of Tandem/HPE NonStop experience with a particular focus in analyzing and optimizing system architecture and performance. He will work with TIC customers in an operations support role, analyzing system performance to ascertain where improvements may be made.

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Canam Software & TIC – Building Upon a Synergistic Relationship

How Two Software Firms Help Their Customers, & Each Other, Reach New Heights…

June 25, 2018 (Great Neck, NY) – In our competitive work environment, it's nice once and a while to see a sense of cooperation and esprit de corps exhibited. Companies in the world of NonStop Modernization, who work towards keeping HPE NonStop systems operating smoothly and integrated with the latest technology, often work together to help clients reach their goals and maintain a competitive edge. Canam Software Labs Inc. and TIC Software have found that by working together, the sum of what they bring to their clients can be greater than its parts.

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TIC Announces Next Generation GUI for HPE NonStop

Ongoing Partnership with Comforte brings another NonStop Modernization Solution

Mar 15, 2018 (Great Neck, NY) – Transaction Innovation Corporation (TIC), the leading provider of software solutions and consulting services for HPE NonStop legacy modernization; is pleased to announce the addition of The Operations Pack (TOP) from partner comforte Inc. to the firm’s offerings. TOP is an easy-to-use GUI, designed to “provide intuitive and effective access to all HP Enterprise (HPE) NonStop subsystems and components from a Windows workstation.”

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