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Our Team

At TIC we provide more than Tandem programming expertise, we know modern technologies – Windows, Java, Web Service, Cloud (.NET, C#, IIS/ASP.NET, SQL Server, Java, JavaScript, Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure). Our experienced team has completed over 100 successful projects.
Turn key project management
  • Scoping
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Deployment


Our Uniqueness

We work side-by-side with the customer team and share knowledge during the process. 
We examine different ways to solve a problem and recommend a solution that best suits the customer’s needs. 
We help our customer plan strategically on how to ensure mission critical NonStop applications keep on running, while adopting new technologies to extend the platform. 

Our Expertise


  • Full Life-Cycle Development.
  • C, C++, NonStop Java, COBOL, TAL. TACL
  • NS SQL, Enscribe.
  • OSS


  • .NET, C#, VB.NET, IIS/ASP.NET, SQL Server


  • J2EE, Java Web Services

Service Offerings

Modernizing User Interface

Modernize your SCOBOL User Interface from green screen to web browser based UI. Open up NonStop to REST and SOAP Web Services access to interoperate with Windows, Java or Cloud applications.

Our Service: Assess your requirements. Recommend tools. Help you implement.


Migrate NonStop programs to new platforms

We can convert SCOBOL and COBOL programs to Java or HTML5 to run off platform. Do you have old custom TAL, C or COBOL programs that need to be supported or replaced? We can help you retire these NonStop programs and replace them with new alternatives.

Our Service: We help you evaluate the options, develop a POC, and implement a solution.



Gateway interfaces

We partner with Gravic to develop Shadowbase extension for client’s special gateway requirements. We help clients develop applications that integrate NonStop applications with new technologies, such as SOAP or REST Web services, Amazon or Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Our Service: We can develop customized gateway applications based on your need.


Customized Training

Do you need to bring in a new team member that doesn’t know Tandem? We can help!
By providing customized training,  we get your new member productive on the Tandem in a matter of days.
Do you need to understand new technology and how NonStop can leverage them?
We can explain new technologies such as Web Services, Cloud, Security in terms that NonStop folks can comprehend easily.

Our Service: We provide just-in-time training solutions customized to your needs.

Knowledge Capture and Management

Do you have a plan in place on how to retain your NonStop application knowledge?

Our service: Let TIC help you put together a plan and implement it.

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