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What is LogWatch?

Part of TIC’s Business Intelligence Product Group, LogWatch is a Guardian program that “watches”, log files for new entries. LogWatch captures log records, looks for configurable patterns, and generates alerts.

Many legacy applications are made up of multiple requesters, servers, and external interfaces. Each component may write a separate entry to different log files. LogWatch allows you to monitor those entries and consolidate them into a single central log file for easy trouble shooting.

  LogWatch Process


  • You can configure rules in LogWatch in a matter of minutes.
    Use LogWatch to centralize your log files, look for error conditions, capture program abend messages, consolidate statistics messages, and many other uses. The GUI configurator makes it easy.
  • Give your EMS and VHS logs a break!
    Quite often there too many messages sent to EMS and VHS logs that are not monitored. The sheer volume can overwhelm the operation staff. LogWatch allows you to configure simple rules to filter out events in a matter of minutes. LogWatch complements your monitor tools because it lets you monitor your application logs easily without having to set up complex EMS filters or SPI rules.

LogWatch Blogs

  • Mind your OSS logs
    Are you using iTP Web Server, Java or other OSS applications? If so, you need LogWatch to help you automatically monitor the OSS logs without having to retrain your Operational staff. You can set up a rule in LogWatch to monitor OSS files and move them to Guardian, send them to a process, and raise an alert  all in a matter of minutes. No more fussing around to look for errors in multiple files.
  • Works on 3rd Party Application Logs
    You can configure LogWatch to monitor files generated by 3rd party packages like Centricity Enterprise, Base24, WebsphereMQ, etc.


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