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What is Report.Web?

Part of TIC’s Business Intelligence Product Group, Report.Web provides secure, efficient, and cost-effective report distribution by Web-enabling host generated reports to be viewed on corporate intranets or extranets.


Report.Web process
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 Key Features
  • A variety of Web accessible formats including  
    • WRF(Web Reporting Format)
    • XRF (XML Reporting Format)
    • Spreadsheet (Excel, Comma Delimited)
    • PDF Format  
  • Intuitive, thin client (Java™, HTML,
    ActiveX®) viewers and Windows®
    Client via Report.Web Insight™   
  • Multilevel Report security.    
  • E-mail notification and attachments
    via Report.Web Courier™   
  • Batch file bursting and section bursting.    
  • Data extraction and database population
    with Report.Web Modeler™   
 Benefits of using Report.Web:
  • Web technology based on popular Microsoft IIS Web Server   
  • Multiple Hosts Support
    Publish your NonStop Spooler reports on the web easily. Works with AS/400, Windows, Unix and other mainframes   
  • Automate Report Publication
    Increase efficiency    
  • Reduce Publishing/Printing Costs
    Reduce printer maintenance and operations cost   
  • Reduce Distribution Costs
    Eliminate physical delivery    
  • Reports are Immediately Available
    Improve delivery of critical information
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