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What is TeleWeb?

Part of TIC's Data Flow Product Group,TeleWeb extracts information from Guardian data files or Non Stop Server Spooler jobs and creates reports, which can be viewed online as soon as the data becomes available. TeleWeb includes security features that protect reports from unauthorized access. The program's built-in Group and User feature provides password protection to access reports.

TeleWeb provides rapid information access and minimizes network download traffic. It facilitates information retrieval by parsing large reports into smaller segments, and allows users to select different parts of the report to view. TeleWeb has the ability to distribute information in TEXT, PDF, or HTML format.

 Key Features
  • Generates reports from data files or Non Stop Server Spooler Jobs for viewing and download on a browser wich provides different view sizes, search capability, etc.
  • Coverts data into different data formats automatically:
    • .TXT: Simple text
    • .PDF: Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • .HTML: Include your company logo or graphics in your reports.
  • Highly configurable to support different options
  • Broadcast reports to group of users or to an individual user
  • Detailed log files for status and statistics reporting.
Benefits of using Report.Web
  • Guardian-based
    The TeleWeb software runs on the HP-Non Stop Server, and requires no other external hardware or software. All the software components are built utilizing reliable Guardian technology that you already familiar with.
  • Reliability
    TeleWeb delivers reports reliably with log files accounting for every action and step taken.
  • Efficiency
    TeleWeb stores one copy of the reports to be viwed by selective groups of users.
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