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What is AutoConfig?

One of the important tasks needed in enabling an GE desktop client is the generation of the configuration information for that PC. This process is usually performed manually by a System Administrator or Installer on behalf of the User, by gathering the needed system and configuration from the NonStop system, and creating the needed file on the PC. The task can become daunting and time-consuming when it involves hundreds or thousands of desktop installations. The process has to be repeated when there is a change in the System environment.

Part of TIC’s GE Solutions Products Group, the GE AutoConfig tool eliminates this tedious IT process by enabling a User to point-and-click to update configuration information via a web browser. This one-click approach reduces the amount of time and effort to deploy a GE environment initially, as well as accommodates any future changes on an ongoing basis. Save time, money and effort, while eliminating any manual data entry errors.


  • Shorten time to implement projects by configuring terminals automatically
  • Reduce resources need for manual installation
  • Easy access to accurate Terminal Configuration information by your support group
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