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What is Remote Print?

GE LastWord and CareCast applications on the NonStop system provide a rich set of functions that allow the users to query and update database information, as well as route reports to local or network printers.

Each workstation and its associated printer are configured in the GE database, based on one-to-one static mapping. This static mapping restriction presents a problem when the Users are accessing the GE application in a shared, pooled environment, such as Citrix or VPN. In that environment, the remote user is assigned an available "slot" dynamically. While that does not affect the interactive user interface, it does present a printing problem: the remote users in those cases are not able to route print output to his/her locally attached printer.

Part of TIC’s GE Solutions Products Group, Remote Print solves that problem by providing modules that will intercept the NonStop spooler output, and redirect it to the user's local or network printer


  • Enables GE Citrix Users to use their local printer
  • Standard User Interface to invoke print
  • Easy to install and support
  • Works with:
    • All versions of GE Last Word
    • Citrix
    • Terminal Server 2000 and 2003
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