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Gateway Development



TIC's Gateway Products enables NonStop legacy applications to interoperate with other platforms and technologies such as Windows, .NET and Web services.

Server Object Gateway (SOG)
No complex application program interfaces (API) to learn, just standard ActiveX Control.
SOG handles communication and automatic data conversion.
SOAP/AM by NuWave Technologies, Inc. is a state-of-the-art software product that allows any company using HP's NonStop (Guardian) technology to quickly and easily integrate legacy Pathway application servers with Internet applications.
TelePath Integrates NonStop and Windows technologies! With the new TIC product TELEPATH suite, you can now add new enhancements to your Pathway applications as easily as sending a Pathway Request.
TIC AWS Gateway

TIC AWS Gateway (TAG) provides an easy path to move data from NonStop to the Amazon Cloud, where you will gain access to a complete set of innovative tools and services immediately.


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