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What is SOAP/AM Client?

Part of TIC’s Gateway Product Group, SOAP/AM Web Service Client Allows NonStop Applications to Access Web Services

NonStop applications can access Web services anywhere in the world, running on any platform, by simply sending an inter-process message.

By providing a simple, familiar interface to access Web services, SOAP/AM Web Service Client minimizes the learning curve for developers. It allows them to build secure distributed applications that integrate Web services quickly and easily.



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Key Features  

  • Open Standards-Based
    Employs today's widely accepted HTTP, XML, SOAP and WSDL standards  
  • WSDL Conversion Tools
    Tools to convert WSDL to Client Definition Files (CDFs) and DDL source.  
  • SSL Security
    Supports SSL/TLS and client certificates
  • Dynamic Data Translation
    Maps XML to IPM and IPM to XML automatically  
  • Small Footprint
    Uses only a small amount of NonStop system resources (e.g., disk space, memory) 
  • 100% Guardian-Based Solution
    Installs directly on your NonStop platform

Key Features 

Benefits of using SOAP/AM:

  • SOAP/AM Web Service Client hides the complexity of the TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL and SOAP protocols required to access Web services  
  • Includes legazy modernization tools that automatically convert WSDL documents to SOAP/AM® Client Definition Files and DDL source. Using these tools, developers with little or no Web service experience can integrate NonStop applications with external Web services.  
  • A shorter learning curve, less time to delivery, less expensive options for development and fewer maintenance tasks makes for a low total cost of ownership.
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