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What is SOAP/AM Server?

Part of TIC’s Gateway Product Group, SOAP/AM™ Server Exposes NonStop Server Applications as Web Services

It's unnecessary to change your existing applications or NonStop server system software. Client applications running on virtually any platform can securely access your NonStop server applications through a standard Web service interface.

SOAP/AM Server is an HTTP server and SOAP server all in one. It's easy to configure, and managing these components is simple with the built-in web-based management tools.

By employing today's open standards technologies, you have the flexibility to author from your platform of choice with any number of the rapid legacy application modernization development tools available.

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Key Features  

  • Open Standards-Based
    Employs today's widely accepted HTTP, XML, SOAP and WSDL standards
  • Web Services Definitions Repository
    Service Definition Files (SDFs) are stored in a repository, implemented as a virtual, hierarchical file system with HTTP extensions for Distributed Authoring (WebDAV)
  • Dynamic Data Translation
    Maps XML to IPM and IPM to XML automatically

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Benefits of using SOAP/AM:

  • Preserve your NSK Server Applications
    Expose your applications as Web Services without having to change a single line of code or make any system changes
  • Implement a 100% Guardian-Based Solution
    Install directly on your NSK platform; no additional hardware or software required
  • Simplify your Administration Tasks
    Manage your SOAP/AM configuration using the built-in web-based management tools
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