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What is TelePATH?

Part of TIC’s Gateway Product Group, TelePATH is an innovative cooperative processing architecture that enables NonStop processes to communicate with application modules that run on Windows server, as easily as sending a message to a process or another NonStop processor.

TelePATH utilizes the concept of Pathway Server Class to manage services running on multiple PC servers. The result is a fault-tolerant and scalable architecture to integrate a NonStop application into a Grid Computing environment. You can take advantage of the many ready-made TelePATH Adapters for your NonStop application, or use TelePATH to invoke your own application running on the Windows server.

TelePATH Integrates NonStop and Windows Technologies
With the TelePATH suite, you can add enhancements to your Pathway applications as easily as sending a Pathway request.


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Key Features

  • Best of Breed
    TelePATH leverages the software tools available on the Windows platform, and provides a seamless approach to integrate NonStop applications with these software modernization tools. This enables a quicker implementation, providing a less expensive and highly compatible environment, all without sacrificing NonStop benefits.   
  • End-to-End Reliability
    TelePATH provides end-to-end connectivity with Windows servers based on Guardian concepts, including health-check message exchanges similar to Guardian's interprocessor "I'm Alive" messages. The result is a reliable message system. 


  • Scalability
    TelePATH is totally configurable, using industry-standard XML structure. Similar to Pathway Server-class concepts, you can configure TelePATH services across multiple Windows servers. When a request is to be processed, TelePath will search for an available Windows server. Multiple requests can be distributed across any number of available Windows servers.
  • Standard Pathway Interface
    Since TelePATH Server functions as a Pathway Server Class, any application can take advantage of TelePATH by sending a standard Pathway IPC request and receiving a standard IPC response.
  • Fault Tolerance
    TelePATH has built-in error detection and recovery. If a Windows server becomes unavailable, a request can be configured to automatically reroute to another available Server for processing, without any interruption to the Requester. 
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