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What is TeleFax?

Part of TIC's Messaging Product Group, TeleFax is a hardware/software solution that allows you to send faxes from your NonStop applications to customers anywhere. TeleFax makes it simple and easy to distribute your NonStop Server reports automatically.

The TeleFax solution consists of NonStop server-based legacy modernization software that works with a Biscom Fax Server. TeleFax sends data automatically from any NonStop server application to a fax machine. TeleFax interfaces to the NonStop Server spooler so that it is completely application independent.

TeleFax Process

Key Features

  • Automates sending information from NonStop server spooler to one or more fax machines
  • Supports PCL and Postscript
  • Supports cover page, forms, logos, and signatures
  • Tracks system status and fax transmission activity
  • Enables multiple priority levels for fax jobs
  • Provides automatic retries, resolution options, and lines per page configurations
  • Supports portrait and landscape modes

Benefits of Using TeleFax

  • Guardian-Based
    TeleFax automatically sends data from any NonStop application to a fax machine. 
  • Simple
    There is no complex API to learn. Just send your job to the spooler.
  • High Performance
    TeleFax is fast and scalable. You can increase the number of TeleFax modules or fax ports to accommodate your growing fax needs without any changes to your applications. 
  • Cost Saving
    TeleFax can schedule off-hours faxing when rates are best and can track usage to control costs.


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