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What is TeleMail?

Part of TIC's Messaging Product Group, TeleMail is a powerful NonStop-based report and document distribution system that  can interface to any SMTP-compatible Email systems, such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes.

TeleMail can send data either as an Email message or an attachment. Optionally, TeleMail can also format messages as PDF, HTML, and ZIP files.

TeleMail Process

Key Features

  • Generates Email messages from NonStop server spooler reports
  • Converts reports into various formats automatically:
    • Text message or text attachment
    • Acrobat PDF attachment
    • Include your company logo or graphics in your Email using HTML format
    • Save space and transmission time with the PKZIP compatible option.
  • Distribution lists
  • Detailed log files for status and statistics reporting
  • Application Programmatic Interface (API) available for non-spooler interface

 Benefits of using TeleMail

  • Guardian-Based
    TeleMail runs on the NonStop server, and requires no other external hardware or software
  • Simple
    There is no complex API to learn; just send your job to the spooler
  • Reliability
    TeleMail delivers Email packages reliably, with log files accounting for every action
  • High Performance
    TeleMail is scalable, and enables you to configure an environment to support Email messages volume in the thousands
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