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What is BluAge?

Blu Age Forward Engineering (Blu Age FE) is a multiplatform legacy application modernization development tool based on the "Model = Application"* principle with the goal of supplying unmatched productivity and agility gains. Indeed, Blu Age Forward Engineering puts the MDA ** principle to work, allowing one to compile the functional specifications of one's applications in order to be able to devote all one's time to the reverse modeling of the business approach of your applications.

Unlike productivity tools of the rule-engine type (BPMN, BPEL, inference engine), the software modernization applications produced with Blu Age are independent of the deployment architecture. Blu Age offers you the freedom to choose the components and technology of your choice, all the while conserving your independence and production capacity.


A single tool for all your developments
Use a single development platform thanks to the MDA principle of interchangeable architecture. The supported architectures are:
  • Java JEE et .Net
  • Cloud for Java JEE
  • Rich clients (types Flex)
Model = Application
Simplify and automate your developments with the equivalence between conception and application:
  • By automatic transformation of specifications (UML2 model)into an application that is ready to be deployed.
  • By the simplification of UML2 models using Blu Age stereotypes.
  • By eliminating every technological discussion in the exchange phases with the project owner.

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No Coding
No manual code, everything is generated by compiling conception models. The whole application is generated : screens, reports, batch, services, data access, web services, call to the inference engine, calls to external APIs, authentification, security of access to pages and services.

Preserve your long-term independence
Your applications are independent of the technology:
  • The generated code is high-quality and independent of Blu Age
  • The respect of your architecture and programming standards are guaranteed
  • The code is checked such that the norms established by the standardization committees are being respected (OMG, SOA Consortium, Eclipse Foundation …).
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