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What is JPath?

JPath provides a modern graphical user interface for SCOBOL programs by dynamically converting green screens on the fly to GUI panels with no changes made to the host application.





Key Features

Dynamic one-to-one Graphical User Interface

Out-of-the-box, green screens are transformed into Windows look & feel with the appropriate use of color, lines, proportional fonts, buttons, etc. Simple data entry fields are replaced with checkboxes, dropdown boxes, radio buttons calendars, etc.


Foreground and background pictures can be added to the GUI


Automatic or manually triggered navigation macros can be recorded

Layout Feature

Display data can be formatted into a predefined GUI layout so that it is clearly structured in its logical context


Benefits of using JPath

Modern Graphical User Interface instead of Green Screen SCOBOL

  • Better user acceptance
  • Less training effort
  • Increased usability
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost of errors

Access SCOBOL programs from mobile via HTML version

  • Enables GUI access to SCOBOL from browser or mobile devices
  • Centralize software deployment with no Java maintenance

Extend host applications without changes

  • Consolidation – new screens can be designed by combining multiple green screens
  • Workflow Optimization – eliminates the need for the user to repeatedly re-enter the same data
  • Integration – data can be sent back and forth between JPath and another application



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