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What is Thunder Suite?

Part of TIC’s modernize Product Group,  Thunder Suite™ is a visual XML designer and code generator specifically designed for creating XML data handling program code. Using Thunder Suite™, developers can easily create XML processing program code, called XML handlers, in a highly productive visual environment.

XML Thunder™ can be used to design and generate two distinct types of XML handling program code, XML Writers and XML Readers. An XML Writer is a subprogram that uses data passed to it to create an XML document and writes it to a data buffer.

Conversely, an XML Reader is a subprogram that parses XML data passed to it in a buffer and populates the corresponding program data structures. Thunder Suite™ is a highly productive and high ROI development tool that is must have for all professional developers working with XML documents.

XML Thunder Light

A free converter and XML/SOAP/JSON writer software tool

Convert any of XML, XSD, DTD, COBOL COPYBOOK or C header files with XML Thunder Lite

What can you do with XML Thunder Lite?

  • Derive XML from COPYBOOK
  • Derive COPYBOOK from XML
  • Map XML, SOAP or JSON nodes to COPYBOOK fields
  • Generate a COBOL program that will create an XML, SOAP or JSON from the mapped COPYBOOK fields

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  • Shelters developers from tedious XML programming so they can focus on the business logic

  • Easy to use with intuitive user interface greatly improves developer productivity

  • 100% source code generation enables much faster development

  • High return on investment - use it on 1 program and the cost of the product is already saved

  • Generates XML processing subprograms for flexible architecture.

  • Easy understanding and manipulation of XML document and data structures via the user-friendly visual designer. 

  • Fully automate COBOL and C source code generation for reading and writing XML documents.

  • Create your COBOL or C data structure from XML schema or a sample XML document, or easily map your COBOL or C data structure elements to your XML document nodes.

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