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Personalized, Responsive Support from Our Expert Team

Contacting a customer support center for help often means being kept on endless hold or transferred to one extension after another … or long waits for answers to emails while the problem continues.

At TIC Software, we don’t give our customers the runaround. When they call, they talk to a support expert, not a recorded message. When they send an email, they get an immediate reply. New customers are often amazed and always pleased!

You know us, we know you

We’re small enough to know our customers by name—and, because we’re familiar with their environments, we’re ready to provide the solution quickly when a problem arises. If the issue is a software bug, for example, we try to provide the fix within a day or two. What’s more, we also offer knowledge transfer—practical information that you can use to keep your operation running smoothly using the latest technology

TIC Support

When you need it!

Support via e-mail

TIC Software provides customers with a range of support services, including comprehensive telephone and email support.

Address your emails describing your question or problems to:

For more information regarding TIC's products and services, please contact

Support Center

Click here to submit a question or incident to one of TIC's Customer Support specialists. 

All inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.

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