Data Analysis and Distribution with Cypress

For Easy Legacy Data Analysis & Distribution – the answer is Cypress


Compiling and leveraging legacy data to help your business can be a challenge at times. The disparate document and data types stored, that need to be accessed and integrated into cohesive and comprehensible information, can make this task seem daunting. But fear not, help is on the way in the name of Cypress.

Cypress is an integrated document assembly and distribution system for greatly enhanced data storage, management, accessibility and analysis. Designed for rapid deployment and requiring little or no user training, Cypress provides a solution for universal document capture and storage regardless of the document format or author application.


Cypress imaging and repository technology securely captures, indexes and stores information from a variety of inputs such as fax and scanned documents, online delivery, and all systems and applications. Once captured, documents may be searched, retrieved, assembled and delivered – providing information to streamline business processes and increase employee efficiency and effectiveness.

The data mining and analysis module functions in both client-server and legacy environments – providing fully automated report mining, generation and distribution. An organization’s unique business rules may be entered into the system to further specify specific reporting parameters such as destination groups or individuals, report frequency, and which data is distributed and by what method.

Cypress Overview

Data output, delivery and forms management all may be automated through Cypress as well. Document delivery to all output devices within an organization may be centrally managed through a single-user interface if so desired; including job and print queues, and employee processes and requests related to document delivery. Cypress makes documents and reports accessible immediately via secure Web browser access, while maintained original document integrity by not converting documents to traditional Web formats. Cypress also conforms to an organization’s pre-determined document and reporting formats, applying pre-defined criteria during assembly.

Cypress brings an enterprise’s content together to enhance business processes and intelligence through faster information dissemination and analysis. Regardless of the data’s origin, Cypress can process and deliver the information – to help an organization better leverage and respond to their market’s needs.


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