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xml_ebook_icon“After several years of incredible hype, XML, the Extensible Markup Language, has settled down to become a respectable part of developers’toolboxes. XML’s structured, text-based format has made it easy for programming languages and environments to support it, making XML the lingua franca of the data exchange world…

This reference covers the core of the XML standards for representing data, including the core structures of XML 1.0 and 1.1, namespaces, and schema languages for describing XML vocabularies.”

– XML Pocket Reference

If you need to handle XML documents on the NonStop, then our XML Thunder product is the only tool that you will ever need, because it handles all the complexity of XML processing for you. Still, we would like you to learn more about the XML technology and all its features . That’s why we are offering you a copy of this free eBook “XML Pocket Reference”, so that you can appreciate how XML Thunder makes it so much easier for you by generating the code for handling XML on the NonStop, without you having to worry about any of the technical details in this book!

You will find this can serve as a good companion guide to our monthly Modernization Tutorial Webinars and our tutorials at

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