NonStop Boot Camp Technical Sessions 2015

One of the many great things about this year’s Boot Camp is the number of outstanding technical sessions. There were so many exciting topics it became difficult to choose just one when there were overlapping sessions.  I managed to break away from my booth duty (Thanks, Gaby!) and attended some of the sessions. I enjoyed all of them and would like to share with you my positive experience. I recommend that you download these presentations when they become available from Connect.

“Monitoring & Management of 100’s of JVM’s” – Larry Ruch, Pulse

One of the topics on many Java practitioners’ mind is “Java Garbage Collection”, which has often caused concern about its unpredictable impact on performance. Larry’s presentation guides us through the tools and methodology that he uses to manage the many, many JVM’s on  his NonStop systems. Very interesting and enlightening!

“OSS architecture overview” – John Zimsky, HPE

Many of us probably had talked to John at one point or another regarding an OS, Java or OSS issue. John is super knowledgeable and always very helpful.  It was great to sit in his session as he provided a quick overview of OSS architecture and some of its internal structures.

“Java Pathway Server Development using Spring”  – David Wiseman, TELUS

David’s Java presentations are always interesting  at Boot Camps. In his presentation this year, David covered not only  how he build his application on Spring, but also his use of the “Decorator Design Pattern”.  It is great to learn about customers like Telus using Java and modern tools to develop their NonStop applications.

“Jenkins: From Continuous Integration to Delivery on the NonStop” – Meg Watson, HPE

It  is always amazing to listen to Meg’s presentations to learn how she and her teammates have achieved extremely high performance with their Java projects on NonStop. This presentation focuses on the practice of “Continuous Integration” (CI) and the use of Jenkins, an open source tool on the NonStop.  The session was highly motivating and encouraged the rest of us to learn more and do more with open source tools on NonStop.

“Real-world Java Application Tuning on NonStop” – Franz Konig – HPE

Performance has always been important to NonStop Users, and  how to tune Java application performance is an especially important topic. Franz offered some practical tips on how to tune the Java environment, but also reminded us to apply some of the tried-and-true NonStop tuning fundamentals.

“Modernization Through Integration” – NuWave
Gabrielle Guerrera, Dave Belliveau – NuWave. Damian Ward-VocaLink

This NuWave presentation focused on their LightWave REST/JSON product on the NonStop. What made it unusual is that the guest speaker Damian Ward from VocaLink demonstrating a Minecraft game interfacing to NonStop using LightWave! It was refreshing to see the creative use of an API from any platform (including from a game platform) to interconnect with NonStp applications. Really thinking outside the box!

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Phil LyPhil Ly is the president and founder of TIC Software, a New York-based company specializing in software and services that integrate NonStop with the latest technologies, including Web Services, .NET and Java. Prior to founding TIC in 1983, Phil worked for Tandem Computer in technical support and software development.

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